Product Suites

CMT’s DriveWell and Claims Studio lower costs for your business and provide an excellent user experience for your drivers.

DriveWell Suite

DriveWell is a complete mobile telematics and behavioral analytics solution to assess and improve driver behavior.
Benefits & Products:
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Accurate Pricing
Identify the riskiest & safest drivers

Better underwriting

Receive accurate assessment of driver risk to support loss prediction and pricing.

Proven risk factors

Determine premiums with scoring models based on millions of trips and billions of miles.
Lower Losses
encourage safer driving

Actionable insights

Provide drivers frequent and personalized feedback on behaviors they can improve.


Incentivize long-term improvements with a turn-key, customizable rewards program.
Customer Loyalty
Retain Safer Drivers

Postitive touchpoints

Create more positive customer interactions with incentives like discounts and rewards.

Engaging apps

Keep your drivers excited with features like Family Sharing, competition, badges, streaks, and more.
DriveWell Suite Products:

Mobile SDK

Build best-in-class telematics components into your own mobile apps.


Collect robust vehicle and crash data with an optional wireless, easy-to-install device.


Measure driver risk with scoring models based on millions of trips and billions of miles.


Implement in-app features tailored to key motivators.


Reduce costs for fleets and commercial insurers with a lightweight driver improvement solution
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Claims Studio

Claims Studio offers real-time crash detection to help drivers in their moment of need, plus AI-based crash reconstruction to speed up the claims process.
Benefits & Products:
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Faster Claims
Accelerate the Process

Save time

Investigate a claim up to 10 minutes after a crash has occurred and make decisions sooner.

Excellent customer service

Offer customers a better claims experience by processing and settling claims quickly.
Unbiased Crash Data
More accurate claims reports

Crash storyline

Generate a full report of the crash to increase your efficiency when launching a claims investigation.

Confirm facts

Determine liability, loss, and settle third-party claims more accurately.
Save Lives
Help drivers in their moment of need

Immediate assistance

Deploy emergency services after receiving a notification within 60 seconds of the crash.

Precise location

Waste no time searching for the crash site with a precise GPS location.
Claims Studio Products:

Crash Detector

Receive real-time notice of a potential crash to send emergency services.

Claims Reporter

Settle claims faster and more accurately with an unbiased Crash Storyline.
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