DriveWell Crash

DriveWell Crash gives your customers peace of mind and protection on the road. Know within seconds of when your customers have been in a crash. Proactively contact them to help and send emergency services and roadside assistance. DriveWell Crash allows you to be there for your customer when they need it most.

Automatic crash assistance.
Save lives. Provide peace of mind.

Know the impact before you get there
Send the right emergency and roadside services based crash intensity
Find the crash scene faster
Help first responders get to your customers faster with precise crash scene location data

Increase Digital First Notice of Loss Completion

With DriveWell Crash, you can detect car crashes from sensor data. Proactively help customers with emergency and tow services within seconds of a crash. Learning about a crash as soon as it happens enables you to use in-network providers, reducing the cost of each claim.

How DriveWell Crash Works

DriveWell Crash leverages advanced machine learning techniques and sensor data from smartphones and IoT devices to detect car crashes.

Step 1
Sensors from a smartphone or IoT device detect a car crash
Step 2
CMT's on-phone crash algorithms analyze the data and verify that there was a crash.
Step 3
CMT uses crash APIs to alert your systems with critical crash data like location, time, driver ID, crash intensity, g-force, and speed.
Step 4
You choose how to respond. Proactively send help to the scene of the crash or start the claims process.

Validated Technology

We built DriveWell Crash on thousands of real-world crashes. We’ve been helping people after a car crash — and saving lives — since 2016.