Driving the Public Sector Towards a Safer Tomorrow

Using AI-driven telematics to improve road safety everywhere
Every year, millions of lives are lost on the road. The public sector has invested in tools to reduce roadway fatalities, but they struggle to change driver behavior, predict dangerous road segments, and prevent crashes.

Now there’s a new way for public officials to improve road safety. CMT helps the public sector make drivers, pedestrians, and roads safer with two powerful solutions driven by AI.

Safest Driver

Safest Driver is a comprehensive safe driving solution that combines AI, behavioral economics, and mobile engagement techniques to help road safety officials improve driving behaviors.

Safest Driver rewards safe driving through an engaging consumer app. Users just need to download the app and start driving. CMT's technology automatically understands when the user is the driver and provides feedback on their driving behavior.

Smarter Driving Through Technology

Safest Driver uses smartphone sensor data to identify risky behaviors like speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration, and distracted driving. It calculates a driving score, offers recommendations to enhance safety, and rewards safe behaviors.

Rapid Results, Big Impact

In just six weeks, Safest Driver has lowered dangerous driving behaviors. Reducing crashes by 8%.


Reduction in phone distraction


Reduction in speeding


Reduction in hard braking

A Success Story Across the Globe

From Boston to South Africa, Safest Driver is making roads safer. It’s even been praised as a success story in the Vision Zero Initiative by the Federal Highway Administration.

Here She Is, the Safest Driver in Los Angeles
California Drivers Awarded Big Bucks For Driving Safer
Are You LA's Safest Driver? Win Big Money

People love it

“I have personally referred this app to 12 very thankful parents whose teenagers just got their driver’s license. They can't thank me enough.”

– Tatiana I. - Seattle

“Thanks for the great app and your intent to help us all become safer and smoother drivers.”

– Simon B. - Boston

“It's a great challenge that I enjoy daily. There is no question that my driving behavior has improved!"

– Sarah J. - San Antonio

“I am amazed at how good this app is technically and beneficially. Thank you. I've become a better driver.”

– Frank G. - Los Angeles

Road Safety Analytics: Moving road safety from analog to digital

CMT’s Road Safety Analytics moves road safety analysis from analog to digital for highway safety planners, roadway engineers, and enforcement planners. It zeroes in on risky driving behaviors down to the street segment level. Highway construction engineers can use it to identify the road segments where crashes are most likely to happen based on real driving risk.

Historical analysis

Gain insight into trends in risky driving behavior and dangerous road segments with comprehensive reports. Identify where to allocate resources for safety interventions. 

Safety campaign analysis

Determine where to place community outreach and educational campaigns. Measure the impact of road safety initiatives in near real time. 

Infrastructure change analysis

Estimate changes in road risk and make data-driven arguments for investing in infrastructure changes.


Trusted by public leaders

Public officials use CMT’s Road Safety Analytics to report on the impact of their road safety initiatives.