How It Works

Our telematics platform is the best in the world, with more trips, more drivers, and the most accurate data. Here's how we do what we do.
Mobile sensing and IoT devices give the most accurate data

Our platform runs on hundreds of different phones, using sensors to detect driving behavior. Our easy to use app can be paired with our simple stick-on Tag to give an extra layer of ground truth, providing the most accurate telematics data available.

Measure phone distraction and other risky behavior

Our high-frequency sensors can identify phone distraction, classify drivers or passengers, recognize speeding and hard braking, all without complicated installation. Our data and telematics platform provides the best method to predict who is at risk of crashes and costly claims.

Fast driver feedback that allows real behavioral change

Our mobile apps are built to be easy-to-use and engaging. Drivers receive timely feedback on their driving and show significant improvement in just 30 days.

Detect crashes quickly and reconstruct details for claims

When accidents do happen, our telematics platforms allow our partners to gather information quickly and accurately to respond accordingly. Crash detection allows emergency services to respond to the exact location within 60 seconds; crash reconstruction provides claims adjusters with a detailed, data-driven account of a crash within 10 minutes.

Data privacy that respects drivers

We protect data with top-of-the-line security protocols and procedures so our customers know it’s safe and secure. Our products stand on their own; we do not sell our clients’ data to third parties – unlike many of our competitors.

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