Premium Score

Traditional rating factors don’t give the whole picture of a driver’s crash risk, and are often out of the driver’s control. Premium Score measures behaviors directly correlated with crash risk — many that drivers can actionably improve — enabling better underwriting and making drivers less costly over time.

Risk Factors

Built on millions of trips and billions of miles over six continents, Premium Score captures driving behaviors that are truly indicative of crash risk.

Excessive speeding
Phone motion
Screen interaction
Hard braking
Harsh acceleration
Sharp cornering
Telematics collisions

Premium Score

Receive an accurate assessment of driver risk for loss prediction and pricing

Seamless filing process

To simplify the state filing process for insurers, CMT has filed Premium Score with Departments of Insurance across the United States. It’s currently approved in 49 states for personal and commercial lines.

Best-in-class actuarial model

Segment the riskiest and safest drivers with an actuarial model built exclusively on telematics-based factors that predict a driver’s risk of collision.

Externally validated
Model performance tested against independent claims data
Externally reviewed
Meets actuarial standards of practice, verified by third-party actuarial firm Pinnacle Consulting

How Premium Score works

Step 1
Driver trips are captured over an assessment period
Step 2
Risky driving events are detected and measured
Step 3
Driver data is processed by our proprietary model to determine risk
Step 4
Insurer uses Premium Score for new business or renewal

Changing Driving Behavior

Surface in-app actionable feedback to improve driving behavior

Less risk and costs

Help your drivers understand their risky driving behaviors and motivate them to improve with transparent and frequent feedback on their driving behavior.

Flexible scoring

Choose from a number of scoring options based on your program.

Driver scoring
Fleet scoring
Family scoring
Vehicle scoring

How in-app scoring works

Step 1
Risky driving events are detected and measured per trip
Step 2
Each trip receives a star rating so the driver can quickly identify areas of improvement
Step 3
An overall Behavioral Score is regularly calculated over a short-term assessment period
Step 4
The Behavioral Score is surfaced to the driver in the app, enabling rewards, achievements, and other features

Solutions Enabled

Pay How You Drive
Use mobile telematics data to price your policyholders based on how they drive.
Try Before You Buy
Underwrite new customers after assessing their driving behaviors for a certain period of time.