DriveWell Fleet

DriveWell Fleet brings our proven mobile telematics and behavioral analytics solution to vehicle fleets. Commercial insurers get a better understanding of fleet risk, while fleet owners can monitor their vehicles and drivers to improve driving behavior, increase efficiency, and lower costs.

Reduce driver risk and fleet costs with a lightweight smartphone solution

Safer drivers on the road with motivational in-app features
Full admin visibility into vehicle and driver statuses with Geofencing and Area Search
Reduced vehicle costs with safer drivers and less crashes
Driver and team satisfaction with healthy competition to be the safest driver

Dynamic Dashboard for Fleet Managers

DriveWell enables fleet managers to measure their teams’ driving behaviors and locations for a unique fleet safety program. A dashboard offers them everything they need to know in one place.

  • Receive notifications when drivers enter or exit areas of interest with Geofencing
  • Search for trips by location with Area Search
  • Investigate poor driving reports and recurring risky behaviors
  • Analyze team locations to adjust schedules as needed
  • See vehicle mileage to understand fuel efficiency
  • Get proof of a driver’s activity when faced with a complaint

Fleet Driver Experience

Employee Privacy

  • Trip recording only occurs when on-duty and in the fleet vehicle using the DriveWell Tag.

Engagement & Motivation

  • Behavioral score and trends identify areas of improvements
  • Leaderboards and team scores create friendly competition among drivers