DriveWell Claims

DriveWell Claims makes the end-to-end claims process easier and faster for both you and your customers. As soon as 10 minutes after a crash has occurred or within seconds of a claim being filed, you receive a detailed storyline of the incident. Spend less time collecting information and triaging claims, and more time confirming facts and accurately assessing loss.

Crash Storyline

With verified crash details you can’t get from even the most comprehensive eyewitness interviews, you will achieve accurate, complete, and fast claim reports.

  • Automated crash description
  • Severity indicator
  • GPS location
  • Contextualized weather
  • Time of crash
  • Number of impacts
  • Hit location(s) on vehicle
  • Crash duration
  • Driving behavior before crash
  • Acceleration 
  • Speed
  • Evasive maneuvers 
  • Delta-V

Reduce Loss Adjustment Expense

Streamlined triage

Improve your operational response with more effective claims routing. Direct the claim to the appropriate group for investigation to reduce the time it takes to identify key details of a claim and avoid wasted time.

Proactive claims outreach

Receive an earlier and more accurate First Notice of Loss with initial alerts of crash. Call or send a push notification to the driver to confirm the crash and kick-start a claim. You can even pre-fill crash details from Claims Reporter in your claims app, so customers can easily start a claim from their phones.

Informed investigation

Verify crash details to determine liability and total loss, as well as assist subrogation and investigate fraud. Making the right decisions in the field early reduces time-to-resolution, saving time, money, and resources for all involved.

How DriveWell Claims Works

DriveWell Claims can be used with our simple smartphone-only solution, or paired with our state-of-the-art DriveWell Tag.

Step 1
Crash is detected by the DriveWell Tag or phone sensors
Step 2
A full report on the incident is generated from the raw data within ten minutes of the trip ending
Step 3
The Crash Storyline is available on demand or pushed directly into a claims management system