Create safer on-demand drivers with telematics.

Whether your drivers are carrying pizzas or people, CMT can help them become safer drivers. From feedback to coaching to incentives, CMT’s DriveWell Fusion Platform enables you to reduce your drivers’ risk and keep your customers happy. All while lowering crashes and claims costs.

Make telematics your strategic advantage.

Drivers and passengers have been requesting more safety features on rideshare and on-demand platforms. Regulators have made similar calls. CMT helps you check the boxes for everyone. 

Our AI-powered platform adds an additional layer of safety and security to your business. You can identify and reward the safest drivers, launch targeted risk-improvement campaigns, provide more transparency to passengers on driver safety, and show regulators behavior improvements over time.

Reduce crashes with coaching.

Hard braking is one of the strongest indicators that a driver will crash. CMT’s platform can reduce hard brakes. CMT’s research shows that drivers lower hard brakes by 15% after getting feedback in the app. Drivers reduce hard brakes by 30% when they get a real-time hard brake alert. Engaged telematics drivers decreased distracted driving by 20%. These drivers are also 65% safer and 57% less distracted overall. CMT’s research shows that lowering hard brakes and distracted driving by 20% reduces bodily injury crashes by 8%.

Who are your safest drivers?

You have drivers today who don’t speed, interact with their phone, or slam on the brakes frequently while on the job. CMT helps you find them and reward them. 

CMT’s platform leverages smartphone sensor data to extract driving insights like hard braking, speeding, acceleration, and distracted driving. CMT’s methodologies have been approved in 49 states for pricing billions of dollars of auto insurance, so you can rely on our risk assessment.


Engaged telematics drivers are 65% safer.


Real-time alerts reduce hard braking by 30%.

Give your drivers life-saving tech.

CMT’s platform features life-saving technology that tells you when your drivers crash. Automatically send emergency services to the crash, ensuring your drivers and passengers get critical care ASAP. CMT’s platform also integrates with roadside assistance providers, so you can send in-network tow trucks to take care of your drivers after a crash. All while keeping claims expenses down.
Take control of claims.

CMT’s platform helps you take control of the claims process. You get granular crash data like crash location, impact location, crash severity, and more, so you can make critical decisions faster. Drivers submit their claim right in the app, with key information already prefilled by telematics data. This workflow accelerates the claims process, reduces errors, and increases claim completion rates. The result is a faster, more efficient claims process across all your drivers, dramatically reducing your operational costs.

Gas savings from telematics? Yes, really.

CMT’s platform can teach your drivers how to save on one of their biggest expenses — gas. By leveraging driving performance like speeding, acceleration, and hard braking, CMT’s platform computes a gas efficiency score, educating drivers on their effective gas price. CMT provides real-time audio alerts that can coach your drivers on the most efficient ways to drive. And the best part? Efficient driving is safe driving. Saving their budget, and lives on the road.

The “Triple M” Methodology — CMT uses the Triple M Methodology to help you make telematics a strategic advantage.

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Stage 1


Stage 1 is Measure, where you measure the risk factors for your drivers and identify and rewards the safest ones.
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Stage 2


Stage 2 is Modify, where you detect risky behaviors and coach drivers with real-time alerts and targeted driving feedback.
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Stage 3


Stage 3 is Manage, where you actively manage your claims process by identifying crashes and accelerating downstream claims operations.

Combined, the Triple M Methodology provides you with a comprehensive driving risk prevention and safety solution