"You have more control over your life than you give yourself credit for."

Being a main decision-maker can be mentally taxing for anyone. Sometimes you need to lean on others for support. In this edition of Women in Leadership, CMT’s Principal Customer Success...
December 20, 2023
Distracted driving

Road Risk Alert: Increase in Distracted Driving Raises Safety Concerns for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday when American families come together and celebrate with food, football, and pie. But it has a less savory effect on our roads. According to a new...
November 14, 2023
Distracted driving

How The Kiefer Foundation is driving behavior change through three pillars — awareness, technology, and hands-free legislation

After spending four decades in the automotive industry, rising from a young engineering student to the Senior Vice President of General Motors International Operations, Steve Kiefer pivoted to a cause...
October 25, 2023
Distracted driving

Only 20% of drivers use Do Not Disturb While Driving. Do you?

It’s been over six years since Apple introduced Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD) with iOS 11. Since then, the feature that blocks incoming notifications as you drive has gone...
October 19, 2023

CMT at GHSA: Bridging the gap between roadway safety and real-time analytics

The Governer’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has long represented the epitome of road safety strategies across the US, setting the tone, policies, and interventions that shape our highways. Their conferences...
September 22, 2023