Drive new revenue with telematics.

CMT helps you create engaging experiences that increase customer loyalty and retention. Whether they own a connected or unconnected vehicle, CMT’s fusion platform enables you to deliver a unified customer experience in-vehicle and on the phone — driving net-new revenue.

Programs that grow loyalty & engagement.

With driving data captured from the CMT platform, you can create new, personalized programs that surprise and delight your customers.

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Insurance discounts

CMT helps you create a better insurance shopping experience for your customers. Generate a driving safety score for them from your mobile app or connected car. It could help them save on a new insurance policy or their current one.
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Safe driving rewards

Incentivize safe driving by giving your customers rewards like repair network services or discounts toward their next vehicle purchase. Focus on reducing specific risk behaviors, like distracted driving or speeding.
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Family safety

Provide families with a sense of security with safety scoring, trip alerts, and geo-fencing to stay connected with loved ones on the go.

Connected customers are


more loyal


more profitable

Unlock FNOI. Generate new revenue.

Start your FNOI workflow with CMT’s crash detection.

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Capture critical crash information

Engage drivers at the crash scene. Send them reminders to capture critical crash information. Help them accelerate the repair process with your certified collision repair network.
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Generate parts & services revenue

Create a seamless experience for customers after a crash. Assess collision damages with AI-driven crash reconstruction data. Direct customers to the nearest certified collision centers. Order the right parts in near real time. Help customers get back on the road faster than ever. Connected customers are 62% more likely to use your certified repair network.
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Get customers in new vehicles after a total loss

CMT’s crash reconstruction data gives you the ability to assess vehicle damage and determine if it’s a total loss. Keep customers in your brand family by proactively offering them vehicle replacement incentives. Transform a traumatic event into a great customer experience.

Detect crashes. Save lives.
Provide help.

With CMT’s patented, best-in-class, real-time car crash detection, you can automatically detect crashes and send customers emergency and roadside assistance. Built-in API integrations for EMS and tow dispatch make it easy to jumpstart your program.

Hello, auto insurers.

CMT works with 21 of the top 25 auto insurers in the US and top insurers around the world. We can help you package your data to fit their existing telematics programs. Auto insurers have better data coverage. You generate new connected vehicle data revenue. And you don’t need to build data pipelines into every auto insurer.

Consumer Choice. Privacy-first.

CMT is a privacy-first telematics service provider based on consumer choice. Consumers actively choose to be in a CMT-powered program and can opt out at any time. We provide a clear explanation to our drivers of what data is collected and how it is used. Consumer data is never used for any other services beyond those offered by CMT. CMT does not sell driving data to third parties.

One platform. Many data sources.

Cars. Phones. You don’t want to worry about the source of truth for your driving data. Neither do auto insurers. CMT fuses sensor data from phones, connected vehicles, IoT devices, and more to provide one source of driving truth, and one platform for all your driving data needs.