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Our View: Lawbreaking motorists shouldn’t be able to hide in Maine

Our cars and trucks are safer than ever. So why is the number of Americans dead or injured in crashes each year continuing to climb? We can’t ignore the facts...
April 20, 2017
News | Distracted Driving

Iowa ready to ban texting while driving

Iowa police soon may be able to stop you if they believe you are texting while driving. This week, Gov. Terry Branstad is expected to sign a bill that would...
April 16, 2017
News | Distracted Driving

Is everyone texting and driving now?

MANY DRIVERS ACKNOWLEDGE TAKING RISKS Evidence that distracted driving, especially distraction from cellphones, is a major hazard has been piling up for years. Nationwide, distracted driving was involved in 14...
April 16, 2017
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CMT named finalist in "Best Insurance Telematics Product and Service" category for the 2017 TU-Automotive Awards

We are pleased to announce that Cambridge Mobile Telematics has been shortlisted as a finalist in the “Best Insurance Telematics Product and Service” category for the 2017 TU-Automotive Awards.  Over...
April 13, 2017
News | Distracted Driving

92% of Drivers Use Phones & Get C Grades in Safe Driving in America

Just in time for Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we have a new report from EverQuote finding that the majority of drivers in the United States (92%) uses their phone while behind...
April 12, 2017