Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A commitment to creating opportunities for the underrepresented

CMT is committed to providing opportunities and career growth to the underrepresented. We’re focused on creating an inclusive work environment that encourages a diversity of backgrounds and thought to build the best products and services for our customers and drivers.

Employee Resource Groups

CMT offers a range of programs designed to promote diversity and inclusion. These include employee resource groups (ERGs) that provide a platform for people to connect, share experiences, and advocate for inclusivity.

CMT employees have created 12 unique ERGs to date. ERGs are employee-driven. Anyone can join and create an ERG. They cater to diverse identities, interests, and backgrounds. They create safe spaces where employees talk about their wins, challenges, and get advice from peers.

Asian American & Pacific Islander ERG
Black Employee Action Network ERG
Book Club ERG
Connect ERG

Health & Wellness ERG
Health & Wellness India ERG
Latinx ERG
Women ERG
Women in India ERG
Empowering & Advancing Women: The Women’s ERG

The Women’s ERG empowers and advances women at CMT. The ERG creates an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes professional growth, encourages collaboration, and celebrates the achievements of women. Through networking, mentorship, and advocacy, the ERG champions gender equality and inspires future generations of women in the workplace.

An Inclusive & Supportive Environment: The AAPI ERG

The AAPI ERG is committed to providing information, support, and community for Asian American and Pacific Islander employees. The group promotes cultural awareness and supports local AAPI businesses with events and partnerships. The AAPI ERG focuses on creating an inclusive and supportive environment where people feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences

A Safe Space for Diversity & Advancement: The Black Employee Action Network ERG

The Black Employee Action Network (B.E.A.N) provides a safe space for discussing important issues for Black employees. The group focuses on diversifying CMT’s culture and promotes equal opportunities for professional development and career advancement. B.E.A.N fosters a dialogue about important subjects, celebrates diversity, and empowers Black employees to succeed. It provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and a community that facilitates personal and professional growth.

Connect ERG

The Connect ERG brings employees together from across CMT – no matter their focus or background – and creates an inclusive community where each person can share ideas, resources, learnings, and progress on projects collaboratively. This group is specially designed to help those who are new to their careers, providing a space to learn from experienced speakers and gain career advice.

Women in India ERG

The Women in India ERG at Cambridge Mobile Telematics focuses on making each woman feel strong and capable in her job and in her life. This group is a special place where people share different experiences and stories, and these stories can make others feel empowered.

Giving back to the community.

At CMT, we aren’t just making roads and drivers safer. We’re giving back to the communities that have helped us get where we are today. Our ERGs work with local charities to find ways our team can help those who need it most.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, B.E.A.N volunteered at local food banks to help families in need. ERG members gathered to giveaway traditional holiday foods like stuffing, green beans, and turkeys.

CMT employees have helped students in need. They visited schools where they explained the dangers of distracted driving. During their visits, they delivered computers, desks, and chairs, tools students need to succeed.


Diversifying Tech Talent with Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

For CMT, increasing the number of underrepresented communities in tech goes well beyond ERGs. It reaches universities and high schools, encouraging students from underrepresented backgrounds to take on programs that can lead them to a career in tech.

One partnership is with Howard University, where students will work in collaboration with CMT experts on a capstone project. This program will give Howard University students first-hand experience of what it’s like working for a technology company dedicated to improving road safety.

The Howard University partnership extends to STEM high school programs around the country. The goal is to increase the number of minority students focused on STEM-related work — from high school, to college, to graduate school — leading to a more diverse tech industry.

Mentoring the next generation of leaders

We empower each other to learn, innovate, and shape the future of road safety. We champion a culture of learning from the best, ensuring our team grows alongside our innovations. We believe in giving our employees every advantage, so they have experienced mentors available to them at any point in their careers. Mentorship runs across teams, giving both mentors and mentees access and insight into new areas of the business. 


Having mentors is such a great way to grow in your career. I really appreciate that CMT gave me the opportunity to work closely with a senior leader outside of my team to accelerate my leadership skills and make a new connection.” — Erin Kreiling, Manager of Customer Success. 


Being part of a mentorship program is incredibly impactful as a mentor. I had the opportunity to connect with someone I wouldn’t normally work with, learn about the organization through a different lens and grow my own coaching and leadership skills.” — Nicole Keegan, VP, People Operations.

A culture of education & learning

CMT invests in continuous education and learning to strengthen diversity and inclusion even more. CMT’s programs focus on increasing awareness, challenging biases, and building a culture of respect and understanding. CMT employees learn about gender inclusivity, unconscious bias, anti-bias, privilege, and more. CMT has partnered with Ethena to provide digestible, relatable, monthly trainings that help CMT employees retain more information.


CMT’s approach to DEI education is different. It focuses on frequent updates rather than one big block once a year. You see the impact on the team. It’s simply more effective.” — Anaya Pena Urena, HR Business Partner. 

Allies wanted.

We’re always looking for allies to help us increase opportunities and access for underrepresented groups. Complete the form below to join us in the pursuit of serving our communities and strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion in road safety and technology.