Distracted driving

How the Oklahoma Challenge is empowering teens to fight distraction — on their terms

In Oklahoma, crashes were surging and thousands of children were dying from distracted driving. In 2014, nearly 13,000 teen drivers aged 15-19 were involved in car crashes. In 2015, that...
November 30, 2022

“Keep true to your core values, operate with integrity, and do the best you can.”

How do you handle imposter syndrome? In our second edition of Women in Leadership, CMT’s VP of People Operations, Nicole Keegan, shares her advice on how to cope with imposter...
November 1, 2022

We launched FuelStar last week. The response has been fantastic.

Last week we announced FuelStar to the world.  The Boston Globe, ABC Boston, Bloomberg Radio, The Motley Fool, and Boston 25 News all published stories about CMT’s new app that...
September 19, 2022

Women in India: “Empowering every woman for excellence at work and life.”

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is proud to support a wide variety of Employee Resources Groups (ERGs). ERGs are employee-led groups that aim to raise awareness of issues facing people of a...
August 25, 2022

Women in Leadership: “Don't let future plans put things on hold"

Work can be tough. Life can be messy. But we all wake up and find a way to make it work every day. We could all use some help now...
August 11, 2022