“Make your work visible and let your voice be heard.”

Making sure your work is visible can be a challenge. Speaking up for yourself can be intimidating. But believing in yourself and finding allies who can advocate on your behalf...
March 8, 2023
Distracted driving

How Stop Distractions is working to make distracted driving a national priority

“It is no longer a matter of if this is going to happen to someone you love, it’s when. If it hasn’t already.”  Jennifer Smith ends her distracted driving presentations...
January 30, 2023

“Be gentle to yourself and your expectations.”

It’s okay to ask for help. Sometimes we spread ourselves too thin and need to reach out.  In this edition of Women in Leadership, CMT’s Senior Director of Product Management,...
December 19, 2022

How the Black Employee Action Network is engaging, educating, and empowering Black employees in the workplace

CMT’s commitment to diversity starts with creating a culture where people can be themselves. One way we do this is with our employee-led Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). The team chooses...
December 9, 2022
Distracted driving

How the Oklahoma Challenge is empowering teens to fight distraction — on their terms

In Oklahoma, crashes were surging and thousands of children were dying from distracted driving. In 2014, nearly 13,000 teen drivers aged 15-19 were involved in car crashes. In 2015, that...
November 30, 2022