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[Video] Assembling Your Recruiting Toolkit Recap

Webinar Series Recap
June 29, 2021

On Wednesday, June 23rd, Cambridge Mobile Telematics hosted the third installment of the Women in Leadership webinar series, Assembling Your Recruiting Toolkit. CMT’s Sharon Gadonniex, VP of Engineering, Vikki Caruso, EVP of People, and Dr. Kilan- Ashad Bishop, Co-founder of STEMNoire, spoke on ways that companies can attract young talent by embracing diversity at all levels, fostering inclusivity, and building relationships with affinity groups, support networks, and mentorship programs.

During the discussion, the panel shared the importance of fostering an inclusive environment where employees feel comfortable to speak up and be themselves. The panel also discussed how companies can empower and educate women and other minority groups to apply for jobs, even if they do not meet the “laundry list” of requirements on job applications.

Caruso shares a personal experience about a time where she felt empowered and spoke up as the only woman in the room when asked to take notes by her male colleagues. This inspiring story illustrates how small comments and actions from co-workers can make someone feel out of place in the workplace. 

Bishop gives examples of ways people can embrace diversity and be more inclusive. She mentions using gender pronouns in email signatures and not making assumptions about someone’s identity. The panel agreed that embracing diversity can also start with acknowledging that it is important to the company and that they are working to improve.

This four part webinar series is part of CMT’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative. If you want to hear more from this panel, watch the recorded version now!