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[Video] Building Your Place in the Workplace Recap

Webinar Series Recap
May 28, 2021

On Tuesday, May 26th, Cambridge Mobile Telematics was proud to host the second installment  of the Women in Leadership webinar series, Building Your Place in The Workplace. CMT’s Katherine Wellman, VP of Product, and Heather De Jesus, VP of Program Management met with Kristin Young, Technology Manager – Telematics at State Farm, and held a 45-minute roundtable discussion about past professional experiences and gave advice for women in the workplace.

During the conversation the panel discussed how to have an edge in the workplace in a productive and constructive way. The speakers noted the difference between sponsorships and mentorships, shared advice on how to stay confident and exude boldness, and gave tips on asking for help and being prepared. 

Young shared how she feels being humble is a key factor in being successful. She added that it is okay to admit when you don’t know something, but always show that you are willing to learn. The panel agreed that active listening and being engaged goes a long way while trying to build your place in the workplace.

When the panel was asked about how they stay confident, De Jesus mentioned that she makes sure to write her accomplishments down as something to look back on to remind herself of all she’s accomplished. Being able to see that you are successful in your role and that you are qualified is a key part of staying confident in your skills.

This four part webinar series is part of CMT’s Diversity and Inclusion initiative. If you want to hear more from this panel, watch the recorded version now!