The DriveWell Tag

The DriveWell Tag is a purpose-built, wireless IoT device that augments the DriveWell smartphone telematics programs.  It collects and stores telematics data, even when the phone is not present, and passes it to the smartphone app via Bluetooth. While the smartphone app identifies the driver, the Tag identifies the vehicle used in the trip.  As a result, vehicle dynamics such as vehicle risk scoring, mileage, and driver-to-vehicle identity can be determined.
Currently live with multiple smartphone telematics programs across 6 continents, the Tag has been coupled with DriveWell smartphone telematics programs since 2014 and has collected data for billions of miles.

DriveWell Tag Features

Accurately measures driving events even when the smartphone is absent
Real-time impact alerts for FNOL coupled with roadside assistance
Supports crash/claims forensics with high frequency sampling
Stolen Vehicle Recovery through crowd-sourcing & exterior hidden mount
Secure over-the-air upgrades enabling feature updates without user involvement
Completely stand-alone device – no wiring or vehicle interface needed
Battery powered with 4+ year lifespan
Certified IoT device in USA, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam

DriveWell Tag Advantages

Cost Effective

Most affordable telematics device for measuring vehicle dynamics in UBI program

Innovative Design

Sleek 2″x2″ square form-factor, with sensors, battery and memory, and installs in minutes

Easy to Use

Hassle free self-installation with no wires or OBD interface required

Reliable & Secure

Always encrypted, high frequency data collected with or without phone