DriveWell SDK

The most accurate sensor data. Unparalleled insights into driver behavior. All within your branded smartphone app.

What You Get With the DriveWell SDK

✓    Automatic Trip Recording

✓    Identifying Driver versus Passenger

✓    Identifying Car Trips versus Other Transport Modes

✓    Measuring Risky Events (Including Phone Distraction!)

✓    Displaying Trip Details in the App


Provide excellent user experience

Apps automatically start and stop trips without user action and capture sensor data with minimal battery impact.

Increase driver confidence 

Ensure retention, long-term adoption growth, and continued driving improvement with a seamless user experience and results your users trust.

Risk & Scoring

Score drivers, vehicles, fleets, and families with models based on millions of trips and billions of miles.

  • Assess risky driving behaviors 
  • Improve loss prediction and pricing 
  • Present transparent driver-facing scoring to encourage improvement

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Value for You

Easy to Build 

  • Easy to integrate into an existing app
  • Robust developer documentation to speed up integration


Easy to Grow

  • Works with App-Only and App+Tag programs
  • Supports Claims Studio features  via the same SDK
  • Access to add-on features like Family Sharing and Rewards
Value for Drivers

Like We’re Not Even There…

  • Automatic trip recording and classification for low driver effort
  • Minimal battery and data usage for high user satisfaction
  • Location data is only collected for trip recording to ensure driver privacy


…Until They Need Us

  • Trip notifications to direct drivers to their trip insights
  • Fast feedback in the app about risky events
  • Engaging features like Family Sharing, Leaderboards, and Streaks to improve behavior
DriveWell Tag

Collect robust vehicle dynamics with the most innovative telematics device on the market. Cordless and easy-to-install.

  • Capture all trips taken in a vehicle even when the phone is absent
  • Smooth onboarding and no maintenance required for drivers
  • Offers greater privacy by ensuring the app only measures trips in insured vehicle

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