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Cambridge Mobile Telematics Partners with The Kiefer Foundation to Combat Distracted Driving

CMT to be the title sponsor of The Kiefer Foundation’s annual “Swing for Safe Driving” Ball Golf Tournament at Oakland Hills Country Club, joined by CMT brand ambassador Kamaiu Johnson
May 16, 2022

Detroit, MI & Cambridge, MA, May 16, 2022 — The Kiefer Foundation and Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), the world’s largest telematics service provider, today announced that they’ve partnered to combat distracted driving through the foundation’s annual “Swing for Safe Driving” Ball Golf Tournament. CMT will be the title sponsor of the event held at the historic Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, on May 23.

The Kiefer Foundation was founded to honor Mitchel Kiefer’s legacy. Mitchel was a hockey player on the state championship Detroit Catholic Central hockey team in 2016 and a passionate disc golfer, which he simply called “golf.” Mitchel called regular golf “ball golf,” which is where the memorial “Swing for Safe Driving” Ball Golf Tournament got its name. 

The Kiefer Foundation’s “Swing for Safe Driving” Ball Golf Tournament increases awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. The event also raises funds to support The Kiefer Foundation’s mission to end distracted driving through its three pillars: awareness, technology, and policy. This includes advocating for lifesaving hands-free legislation across the country, like the recent bill passed by the Michigan state legislature.

Professional golfer and CMT brand ambassador Kamaiu Johnson will also join the event to raise distraction awareness. Johnson recently won the Advocates Professional Golf Association’s stop at TPC Las Vegas for the second year in a row.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have Cambridge Mobile Telematics as our partner in the fight against distracted driving. Their support of the ‘Swing for Safe Driving’ Ball Golf Tournament will allow The Kiefer Foundation and our partners to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving,” said Steve Kiefer, Chairman of The Kiefer Foundation. “The statistics show that 10 people are killed each day by distracted drivers in the US — some estimates are as high as 50 people killed each day. This is a senseless, selfish behavior that must change. Drivers need to take personal accountability when they’re behind the wheel and just drive.”

“We’re honored to partner with The Kiefer Foundation on their mission to end distracted driving. They’re doing incredibly important work to raise awareness, pass legislation, and build safer roads for future generations,” said Bill Powers, CEO and founder of CMT. “Unfortunately, distracted driving and road fatalities have surged during the pandemic. It’s critical that we raise awareness about these deadly behaviors so we can prevent tragedies on the road from happening in the future.”

CMT’s 2022 Distracted Driving Report shows that distracted driving is at its worst point of the pandemic. Distracted driving in February 2022 was 30% higher than in February 2020, the last month before the pandemic. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that distracted driving killed over 3,100 people in 2020.

About The Kiefer Foundation

The Kiefer Foundation was founded in 2016 to honor 18-year-old Mitchel Kiefer’s legacy after he was tragically killed in an auto crash caused by a distracted driver. The mission of the Kiefer Foundation is to end distracted driving and all associated traffic deaths and injuries through its three pillars: awareness, policy, and technology. 

For more information on The Kiefer Foundation, visit, or on social media at or Learn more about Hands-Free Michigan at: 

About Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is the world’s largest telematics service provider. Its mission is to make the world’s roads and drivers safer. The company’s AI-driven platform, DriveWell®, gathers sensor data from millions of IoT devices — including smartphones, proprietary Tags, connected vehicles, dashcams, and third-party devices — and fuses them with contextual data to create a unified view of vehicle and driver behavior. Companies from personal and commercial auto insurance, automotive, rideshare, smart cities, wireless, financial services, and family safety industries use insights from CMT’s platform to power their risk assessment, safety, claims, and driver improvement programs. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with offices in Budapest, Chennai, Seattle, and Tokyo, CMT serves millions of people through 80 programs in 18 countries, including 21 of the top 25 US auto insurers.