Video Telematics that Creates Clarity through Context
DriveScape offers a complete picture of risk via streaming video and computer vision AI.

DriveScape detects innovative risk factors through vision and context like: 

  • In-Cabin Distraction
  • Drowsiness
  • Tailgating
  • Weaving Through Traffic

With secure streaming video available for near instant review, the DriveScape platform provides a powerful tool to improve driver safety and contextualize risk.

Your secure, end-to-end solution to see the whole picture

Dual Camera
Dual-Camera Dashcam
Captures the whole story with video recording inside and outside the vehicle
Bookmark Button
Allows drivers to save important moments for later review with a click of a button
Mobil App
Mobile app
Enables drivers to view and approve their videos right in a smartphone app
Web portal
Web portal
Seamlessly surfaces videos, telematics insights, and reports to business admins

The Next Generation of Measuring Risk

Advanced Risk Analytics

DriveScape is built upon CMT’s industry leading telematics platform that provides advanced risk analytics, the most accurate data, and continuous innovation.

Continuous Recording & Risk Identification

Continuous recording and on-device risk identification ensures all events in or outside the cabin are captured and stored for future viewing.

Seamless Integration

Video is easy to send and retrieve, so incidents can be reviewed rapidly and drivers can get back on the road.

End-to-End Security

State of the art security ensures video is tamper-free, with strict permissions for viewing that protect drivers’ privacy.

Empower Drivers to Tell Their Story as an
Ally on the Road

Get Drivers and Passengers Home Safely

Incident Support: Give drivers a trusted source to rely on when bad things happen 

More Time on the Road: Quick, validated insights help get drivers back behind the wheel faster

Personalized Coaching: Immediate video feedback creates a culture of continuous improvement and safety