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Cambridge Mobile Telematics partners with Verizon to bring driving insights to the Smart Family App

September 15, 2021

Cambridge, Mass., September 15, 2021 – (Business Wire) Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), the global leader in smartphone telematics, has partnered with Verizon (VZ) to bring new premium features to the Verizon Smart Family app, including teen driver monitoring and scoring, and crash detection that notifies family members after an accident.

The Smart Family app provides these premium features through CMT’s DriveWell platform, using onboard phone sensors to detect risky behaviors like speeding, phone distraction while driving, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking. Now, parents subscribed to Smart Family Premium can see a driving score based on their teens’ last week of car trips, and a detailed individual trip view to understand where and when the risky behavior occurred. Young drivers can focus on how to improve their driving, and parents can better understand how their children behave behind the wheel.

Additionally, Smart Family now detects car crashes, notifying parents in the event of an accident and providing key details like location. Driving insights and crash detection will help parents of teen drivers get peace of mind while helping them track and improve their own driving behavior.

“One of the biggest worries parents have is when their children are in vehicles without a parent,” said Hari Balakrishnan, CMT’s co-founder and CTO. “We are delighted to partner with Verizon to bring these premium safe-driving features to the Smart Family app to provide parents with peace of mind, and to help all drivers in the family improve their driving.”

These premium features for the Smart Family app are now included with several other key family safety technologies, including location tracking for parents, pick-me-up requests, screen time limits, and parental content filters, and can be controlled within the settings menu of the Smart Family app. The Smart Family app is available for download on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. To learn more about CMT, visit

About Cambridge Mobile Telematics

CMT is the world’s largest smartphone telematics provider, powering more than 80 enterprise programs in 20 countries. Founded in 2010 based on MIT research, our technology serves several million drivers through our partnerships with leading insurers, rideshares, cellular carriers, personal safety companies, and automakers. CMT’s telematics platform measures driving behavior to empower driver improvement and reduce risk, provides instant crash alerts and roadside assistance to drivers in need, and creates a smooth and efficient connected claims process.