CMT Driving Insights

For the safest trip, every time.
Rideshare driving is hard work. From quick turnarounds, to unfamiliar roads, to ensuring riders have a great experience, drivers can use some help to guarantee every trip is the safest, every time. CMT Driving Insights create a great experience for drivers and riders, helping maximize your earnings with safe driving best practices.

Driving insights personalized for you.

CMT Driving Insights helps you understand how safe you drive. It’s personalized to your trips, guiding you on what’s going well, and what areas could use work. Think of it as your personal driving coach.

As you drive, CMT’s platform generates personalized driving insights using sensor data and artificial intelligence. It helps you better understand your:


Harsh accelerating
Phone handling

Safer driving. Better experiences.

Smoother rides. Better ratings.

Safe driving is smooth driving. CMT Driving Insights helps you keep things smooth to create a comfortable ride. Drivers with a higher safe driving score have higher star ratings and get more positive reviews.

Optimize your fuel spend.

Aggressive driving behaviors like harsh acceleration and braking burn more gas — and cash. CMT Driving Insights help drivers become more fuel-efficient. Drivers using CMT’s platform can save up to $400 on gas per year.

Less time in the shop. More time on the road.

CMT Driving Insights reduce your chances of getting into a crash — it can help drivers reduce risky behaviors by 30%. Reducing risk helps keep you out of the shop, on the road, and earning more.

Privacy and safety built in.

CMT is a privacy-first safe driving analytics company. This means that we focus on protecting your data, making sure it’s always secure.

CMT never sells or shares your data with third parties.
CMT only collects the data necessary to provide safe driving insights – no data will be shared with insurers or affect insurance rates.
CMT data is encrypted throughout the driving cycle, from collection to storage.
CMT only retains the data long enough to provide our services.

CMT is the world leader in safe driving analytics.

Our mission is to make the world’s roads & drivers safer. Our technology has measured and protected over 40 million drivers around the world.