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[Video] Kamaiu Johnson: An Inspirational Golf Journey

CMT's brand ambassador shares his story and hopes for the future of young golfers
June 1, 2021

CMT brand ambassador and recent pro Kamaiu Johnson shared his inspirational introduction to golf at the APGA Tour last week. The APGA Tour’s mission is to bring a greater diversity to golf, and Johnson used the platform to share his story.

Back in 2007, Jan Auger, General Manager of Golf Courses for the City of Tallahassee, saw a 13-year-old Johnson who had just dropped out of eighth grade spending time along the outskirts of one of the greens she managed.  So what did she do? She gave him his first nine iron and bucket of balls which ended up changing his life. To this day Johnson refers to Auger as his “second mom.”

Cambridge Mobile Telematics and Johnson share the same value of creating success through persistence and perseverance. In this video, Johnson discusses how he got to where he is today, his experience at his first PGA tour, and his hopes for the future of young golfers.