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Improving The Claims Process For Drivers

July 25, 2019

No one starts their day planning to get in a car accident. So when one does happen, the moments after are scary and confusing for the driver. During these moments, the driver is responsible for not just assessing their own health and safety, but the details of what happened.

DriveWell Claims is built on the understanding that it is difficult for the driver to accurately recall crash details; and inaccurate crash details breed unfairly settled claims.

Insurers using DriveWell Claims don’t have to rely on the driver to gather all the crash details. In fact, DriveWell Claims tells the adjuster more about a crash in minutes than they normally would ever know, including a precise time, hit location, and the number of impacts.

Since the insurer is aware of a claim within minutes, the driver is not responsible for calling to file the claim. Instead, the insurer conveniently reaches out to the driver to ask if they need assistance. Also, DriveWell gives insurers the insurer the ability to offer immediate assistance if the driver is incapacitated or in need of medical attention.

DriveWell Claims creates a positive touchpoint after a crash, shifting the traditional insurer-driver dynamic.

Learn more about how DriveWell Claims is designed to help the driver from the data scientists behind it.