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Moving Beyond Measurement to Improve the Claims Process

July 19, 2019

Traditionally, the auto insurance industry has viewed telematics as a tool to measure speed, time of day, and mileage for pricing drivers’ premiums. It has accelerated the Behavior-Based Insurance (BBI) model that offers new business, mid-term and/or renewal discount based on driving behavior. In fact, nine out of the 10 largest U.S. insurers are using or testing smartphone telematics programs.

At Cambridge Mobile Telematics, we have measured billions of miles of telematics data from around the globe. However, our solutions don’t just tell insurers how and when their customers are driving for the purpose of pricing. Our solutions actually change risk through driver engagement and behavioral feedback. They improve the insurer-driver dynamic by focusing on safety and excellent customer experience.

At Cambridge Mobile Telematics, we go beyond measurement in a number of ways. One example is DriveWell Claims.

DriveWell Claims revolutionizes the claims experience for the insurer and the driver. After an accident occurs, machine learning algorithms examine the raw data and reconstruct the crash. The adjuster can view important and accurate crash details within minutes, beginning an efficient and well-informed investigation.

Learn from the data scientists behind DriveWell Claims about why it is like nothing else on the market.