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DriveWell SDK: Get the Most Accurate Driving Insights

March 20, 2020

DriveWell SDK is part of the DriveWell product line. Click here to learn more about DriveWell and its other products.

Smartphone telematics enables insurers, rideshares, fleets, and other organizations in the mobile world to make more informed business decisions based on driver behavior and vehicle dynamics. Insights derived from smartphone sensors improve processes from underwriting to claims, and most importantly, actually make drivers better. However, building and maintaining a mobile telematics app comes with a number of technical and support challenges that, if not solved, will prevent any telematics-based program from succeeding.

The mobile app needs to know when a trip has started without user assistance and collect the right amount of sensor data from the phone with minimal battery consumption. When a trip ends, it has minutes to make precise decisions about what happened on the trip, score the trip, and provide feedback to the user. Additionally, it has to work across thousands of ever-changing phone models and operating systems to accommodate all users.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics overcame these challenges with its DriveWell SDK. How the SDK expertly collects and transforms sensor data into meaningful insights in a battery-efficient manner is a key differentiator in the telematics marketplace. With the SDK, you receive the most accurate data while providing an excellent user experience.

About the DriveWell SDK
The SDK is how CMT’s customers deploy our best-in-class telematics components, including engagement features, actuarial scoring, and behavioral scoring. It also integrates with the DriveWell Tag to offer customers additional data collection and vehicle monitoring.

You can deploy the SDK in a fully-featured white-labeled app built by CMT or by integrating it into your own app for complete control over your user’s experience. No matter the deployment option, you will receive all the benefits of the SDK’s data collection and processing functions.

How the SDK Collects and Processes a Trip
It’s essential that you and your users always get the true story of vehicle and driver behavior. Inaccurate trip results lose user trust and keep your business from making informed decisions. With the SDK, you can accommodate the needs of both your users and your business. Here’s how:


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