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Lead the Fight Against Distracted Driving with a Safest Driver Contest

March 9, 2020

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is pleased to announce our Safest Driver platform, making it simple for anyone to encourage drivers to improve their driving safety by reducing risky behaviors.

Organizations like insurers, municipalities, nonprofits, and more can now host a safe driving contest in the Safest Driver app, and do their part to eliminate distracted driving and road fatalities. Contests reduce risky driving behaviors from participants in as little as 30 days by incentivizing them with cash prizes and giving them the feedback tools necessary to improve. Participants in past contests have reduced risky driving by as much as 48% in distracted driving, 45% in speeding, and 57% in hard braking.

Safest Driver is a telematics-based app that assesses risky driving behaviors. Built to engage users over a long period of time, Safest Driver promotes positive behavior change with actionable feedback, and the ability to compete for cash prizes.

Safe driving contests benefit all types of contest hosts. Insurers and other corporate hosts have the ability to positively promote their brand to thousands of drivers by associating it with safe driving and saving lives. Before developing a full telematics program for policyholders, insurers can use a contest to pilot the effectiveness of telematics scoring and engagement features.

For municipalities, Safest Driver contests align with their public safety strategies aimed at lowering road crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Additionally, they can use end-of-contest road segment insights to discover infrastructure problems on their roads and identify opportunities for impactful improvements.

Because the app tells a user when and where they are driving unsafely, nonprofits like road safety advocacy groups and transportation safety coalitions can use contests to raise widespread awareness of those risky driving behaviors.

After an organization signs up to host a safe driving contest, drivers download the Safest Driver app from the Google App store or Apple store, select the appropriate contest, and start driving. Hosts can choose which categories, like Best Overall and Least Distracted, users compete in for prizes.

Safest Driver is built with the same best-in-class technology as the DriveWell platform and previous Safest Driver contests.

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Proven Results

CMT has been running Safest Driver contests since 2016. Here is a selection of recent Safest Driver contests that saw significant reductions in risky driving behaviors from participants.

Seattle’s Safest Driver 2017

  • 35% reduction in phone distraction
  • 30% reduction in hard braking
  • 28% reduction in speeding

Boston’s Safest Driver 2019

  • 48% reduction in phone distraction
  • 57% reduction in hard braking
  • 38% reduction in speeding

San Antonio’s Safest Driver 2018

  • 29% reduction in phone distraction
  • 17% reduction in hard braking
  • 45% reduction in speeding


LA’s Safest Driver 2019

  • 25% reduction in overall risky driving behaviors
  • 30% reduction in phone distraction
  • 35% reduction in speeding


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