Distracted driving

Road Risk Alert: UK Distracted Driving and Speeding Peaks over Easter

Easter ushers in a time of joy, with families across Britain coming together for egg hunts and long dinners. However, amidst this seasonal cheer, we mustn’t overlook road safety, which...
March 22, 2024

Growing CMT Europe in the past year

A year ago, CMT acquired Amodo to strengthen its European team and presence. Today, we have more than 120 telematics experts supporting our partners across Europe. In celebration of this...
March 11, 2024
Distracted driving

Holiday Hazard: Soaring Distracted Driving and Speeding During UK Christmas Season

Key holiday findings: The most distracted day of the year: On Christmas Day, phone usage while driving jumps to 70 seconds, up 47% from the annual average. This makes Christmas...
December 8, 2023

The Green Insurer Partners with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to Launch Car Insurance that Rewards Responsible Driving

LONDON, 6th December, 2023 – This week, The Green Insurer, a pioneering car insurance provider committed to reducing drivers’ impact on the environment, launched a new car insurance product that...
December 6, 2023

New Report: Building Sustainable Auto Insurance

Sustainable insurance is a new concept with the power to drive engagement while reducing drivers’ carbon footprint. And fuel bills.  In an era marked by frequent natural disasters, including recent...
October 10, 2023