U.S. drivers drove more than 3.22 trillion miles last year. With crashes and vehicle-related fatalities on the rise, we analyzed data from millions of users in the 50 largest U.S. cities to find out in which cities people most often display dangerous driving behaviors – distraction, speeding and hard braking.


% of Trips with Distraction

Throughout the U.S., distracted driving occurs during at least 28% – and as high as 43% – of trips. Southeastern cities – like Miami, Charlotte, and Memphis – displayed distracted driving behaviors more often, with 7 of the top 10 most distracted cities located in the Southeast.


% of Trips with Speeding

Americans’ worst driving habit? At-risk speeding. Drivers display at-risk speeding behaviors more than any other dangerous driving habit we measured. For more than half of the cities we evaluated, dangerous speeding occurs on more than 40% of trips.

Hard Braking

% of Trips with Hard Braking

Slamming on the breaks is never a good thing, and often leads to fender benders and pile ups. Californians rank highest for percentage of trips with hard braking. The city with the lowest frequency of hard breaking: Portland, Oregon.

Distraction on Half of Trips

% of Drivers Distracted on at Least Half of Trips

The frequency of phone use while driving is alarming. We measured how many people are distracted by their phones on at least half of their trips and in most cities it is more that 50%, increasing the likelihood of crashes.

Note: The full list of cities and percentages are in a table at the bottom of this page.

When Distraction Occurs

Speeds at which Distraction Occurs

U.S. City Data

See how your city stacks up in the areas of dangerous driving behaviors. The more aware we all can be about our driving, the more we can improve and make our roads safer.