Customer Support Policy

The CMT Support team is dedicated to your success. We believe the best support teams help eliminate any roadblocks and jump in to pave a different path when needed.

The CMT Support team supports the following products and services: 

  • Back-end APIs and Telematics Processing
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • White-label Applications
  • Web Portal
  • DriveWell Tag
  • DriveWell Crash and Claims
  • Custom reporting and data interfaces

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Support Hours

Questions about the availability of services provided by the CMT Telematics Services are managed by CMT Support.


Support Tiers

We want to help you handle customer issues fast and effectively. To do this, support issues are categorized into two tiers: Tier 1 and Tier 2. The customer handles Tier 1 issues and CMT handles Tier 2 issues.


Priority Definitions

The CMT Support team investigates and resolves all product and service issues. Support issues are prioritized by the levels below. Any issues related to service availability will be immediately routed to the appropriate CMT team.