We launched FuelStar last week. The response has been fantastic.

September 19, 2022

Last week we announced FuelStar to the world. 

The Boston Globe, ABC Boston, Bloomberg Radio, The Motley Fool, and Boston 25 News all published stories about CMT’s new app that helps people save on gas by driving more efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Boston Globe 

The Boston Globe covered FuelStar in “Cambridge company’s new app aims to help drivers save on gas.” 

Here’s a preview:

The app uses data collected from a user’s mobile device to gauge how their personal driving habits influence fuel efficiency, based on research compiled by the Department of Energy’s For example, frequent heavy braking, speeding, and quick acceleration are all deemed as inefficient driving habits that impact gas mileage, according to the app.

The app also estimates the amount of money drivers will save at the pump by driving smoothly, not speeding, and avoiding heavy braking.

“Our goal with this is really to help people to reduce how much they spend on gas and also, indirectly, help people become safer drivers,” said CMT’s SVP, Product Management, Rafi Finegold.

Read the Globe’s full story.

ABC Boston

ABC Boston took FuelStar for a spin around Boston. Reporter Mary Saldana interviewed Rafi on FuelStar’s benefits and how it helps people save. 

Rafi’s advice: “Keep it smooth.” Safer driving is also more efficient driving when it comes to gas consumption. 

Bloomberg Radio

Bloomberg Radio interviewed our Chief Technology Officer and co-founder Hari Balakrishnan on FuelStar. 

Here’s a snippet from Hari’s interview:

“The beautiful thing about [FuelStar] is that it is very aligned to the mission of our company, which is to make the world’s roads and drivers safer. The same behaviors that help you become safer… help you become a more efficient driver.”

Listen to the full interview here (it starts at 48:00)

The Motley Fool

The finance publication The Motley Fool also covered FuelStar: This App Promises 40% Savings on Gas.

Here’s a highlight:

The way you drive can have a big impact on your fuel costs. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, people waste gas when they speed, accelerate, or brake rapidly. Eliminating this behavior can cut costs by 15% to 30%. Similarly, the site says that “each 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like paying an additional $0.26 per gallon for gas.”

Even a small reduction will go some way to offset skyrocketing living costs and leave more money in your bank account.

Boston 25 News

Boston 25 reporter Catherine Parrotta tested FuelStar in a drive around Boston with Rafi.

When driving inefficiently, the app will give a driver a verbal warning that they’re engaging in a pattern that’s going to cost them more money.

“People spend thousands of dollars a year on gas, and we think that when you actually change your behavior to be more efficient, you can save up to hundreds of dollars a year on your overall gas bill,” Rafi told Boston 25.