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Thanksgiving travel: Most dangerous days to drive [Fox Business]

'There is a global epidemic happening of distracted driving'
November 26, 2019

If you’re driving to visit family for Thanksgiving, there are certain days during the week that you’ll want to be especially cautious on the road, according to a report.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) published a report earlier this month that found which days are the most dangerous to be on the road during the week of Thanksgiving.

The report also found which cities were the most congested, which had the most distracted drivers and which had the highest numbers of drivers who were speeding on those days.

“There is a global epidemic happening of distracted driving,” Bill Powers, co-founder and CEO of CMT, told FOX Business. “It is for no other reason than human beings have more instant information at their fingertips through smartphones, intelligent transportation vehicles, dashboards that are like mini-computers, where you’re pressing buttons while you’re driving, even to look at the stereo. Things are different than they were … 20 years ago.”

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