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Safety a Key Focus of State Farm® Drive Safe & Save™ Mobile 3.0 [Business Wire]

June 11, 2019

Bloomington, IL and Cambridge, MA- June 11, 2019 – State Farm and Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) today announced version 3.0 of the Drive Safe & Save Mobile app, the latest update to the State Farm voluntary telematics program. The updated app has a revamped user experience with a focus on road safety. Users who choose to participate will benefit from the actionable data and feedback to understand and improve their driving.

Drive Safe & Save 3.0 uses CMT’s award-winning platform to analyze data collected from smartphone sensors as well as the Bluetooth-based beacon device affixed in the vehicle. The app automatically detects driving and scores drivers on excessive speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration, and hard cornering. It also measures the driver’s phone distraction and provides feedback to drivers about their phone use while driving, encouraging them to drive without distraction. The platform will also measure safe driving practices, allowing State Farm policyholders who enroll in the program to save about 5% at sign-up and potentially save up to 30% for their safe driving.*

“Users can now see exactly what driving patterns have affected their performance. For example, I can now learn that I always make a hard brake at a particular stop sign, and I can work to correct that with better anticipation. Previously, I was only able to get general information about the entire driving experience,” said Scott Bruns, State Farm Director of Telematics Services.

By combining size and expertise of State Farm in the insurance market with CMT’s strength in mobile sensing, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science, Drive Safe & Save helps drivers practice safer driving and manage the cost of auto insurance. This update puts many new features in their hands to achieve that goal.

“We have worked with State Farm on telematics programs since 2012, and are delighted to bring the latest advances in accurate and battery-efficient mobile sensing, risk assessment, user engagement, and telematics-based services to State Farm customers,” said Hari Balakrishnan, founder and Chief Technology Officer of CMT. “We look forward to continuing our Research & Development and collaboration with State Farm to make roads safer by making drivers better.”

* Some customers could see a discount of up to 50%. Discount names, percentages, availability and eligibility may vary by state and coverage selected. Enrollment, terms and conditions apply.

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