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New Look and New Features for AXA driveXperience

January 14, 2021

BRUSSELS & CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–No longer AXA Drive, but AXA DriveCoach: AXA’s young driver application gets a makeover and gets rid of its OBD dongle.

Since 2016, young AXA drivers could subscribe to the AXA driveXperience option through their insurance broker. This allowed them to obtain a score calculated on the basis of four criteria (acceleration, speed, braking, and turns). Users also received an in-depth analysis of their driving behavior but until now, the app needed to be connected to the AXA Drive dongle connected to the vehicle’s OBD socket.

Bye Bye OBD!

From now on, the OBD dongle is no longer necessary. Drivers just have to download the new AXA DriveCoach application powered by Cambridge Mobile Telematics instead. It automatically records the trips where the customer is identified as a driver. The journeys during which the customer is a passenger (e.g. public transport, other driver) will obviously not be taken into account.

Smartphone use while driving

In order to precisely analyze the customer’s driving, a fifth criteria has been added: phone distraction (excluding hands-free use). As soon as the smartphone moves or the driver touches the screen while the vehicle is in motion, the score will be negatively affected.

However, a good driving score can lead to a significant premium reduction ranging from 20 to 50%.

“Using smartphones while driving is unfortunately one of the main causes of road accidents among young people,” says Jef Van In, AXA Belgium CEO. “Through this application, we want to make young people aware of their driving behavior and the specific aspects that are part of it. Think of our app as an innovative and attentive driving assistant that encourages them to drive more safely. They in turn benefit from an attractive premium reduction and the number of road accidents is reduced. Everybody wins.”

More features to encourage safer driving

In addition to a more modern interface, the new AXA DriveCoach app offers a few additional features to make driving safer, easier, and more enjoyable:

  • Thanks to the “streaks,” the young drivers will be encouraged to beat their own records. Have they already recorded a maximum of 10 consecutive trips without sudden braking? Can they manage to make 11?
  • Family competition, on the other hand, helps challenge other family members and find out who is the safest driver among them.
  • Through a ranking, the young driver can also compete against other drivers to win first place. The winners can win great prizes.

All that with great discounts on top

Customers who subscribe to the driveXperience option continue to receive an initial discount of 20%. Their score is evaluated for the first time after four months for the calculation of a possible cashback. Then, the score is stopped three months before the end of the first year, to calculate the next premium reduction. In total, the drivers can achieve a reduction of not less than 50% on their premium!

The most advanced technology in the world

To record only the trips that matter and calculate an accurate score from the app, AXA DriveCoach partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics, whose technology is based on the analysis of several billion trips around the world.

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Ian Murphy