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'Just Drive' campaign targets distracted drivers [NBC News]

April 8, 2019

(NBC News) – Statistics indicate nine Americans will likely die today and another 100 will be injured because of distracted drivers.

Fortunately, safety advocates are working to change that.

DriveWell is aimed at helping drivers focus on just driving.

“The system automatically measures driving performance and then rates it against metrics that we have developed that are highly correlated with crashes,” says Hari Balakrishnan of Cambridge Mobile Telematics.

Balakrishnan developed the DriveWell app with backing from the insurance industry.

Safety advocates are grateful for advancements like the app, and for all the attention distracted driving is getting.

“We know that nine percent of all fatalities on the roadway are the result of people just not paying attention, so we want people just to drive,” says Nick Smith, president of the National Safety Council.

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