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Insurance telematics, Italians curious to try it [InsurZine]

July 1, 2019

40% of Italian drivers have never heard of telematics or car insurance programs whose premiums are based on driving behaviors. However, 63.5% would consider a similar policy. These are the main results of the ‘Connected Insurance Italy Market Survey 2019’ realized by Cambridge Mobile Telematics leading mobile telematics company.

The analysis carried out by CMT investigates distraction at the wheel and the major concerns of Italians in terms of road safety. Distraction is one of the main causes in roadway crashes in Italy (Istat data) and drivers know it well: 40.6% of respondents put the use of electronic devices (SMS, social media, map control on smartphones) at the top of the list of major sources of concern about the behavior of other drivers at the wheelFollows driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (35.1%), while 23.2% is concerned about dangerous driving behavior, such as high speeding, swerving, hard braking.

Driving with smartphone in the hands: a daily habit.

These concerns are confirmed by the frequency with which drivers can be seen driving while using a smartphone: 57% of them say they see drivers at the phone each day while driving. Only 3% say they rarely see mobile devices used at the wheel.