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How you could win $10,000 for being San Antonio's 'Safest Driver'

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June 5, 2018

What really drives you crazy about drivers in San Antonio?

I hear a lot of people complain about how nobody here knows how to drive in the rain or that so many people seem to enjoy driving very slowly in the fast (passing) lane.

Then there are the complaints about speeders and people not knowing how to merge.

But to each his/her own complaint.

So how do we improve things?

Monday, the City of San Antonio and USAA announced a new contest that should at least give some of us a real incentive to drive more safely.

That incentive is money. And some pretty good money, at that.

San Antonio’s Safest Driver Contest runs from June 11th through September 3rd and will award three grand prizes of $10,000 each for the Overall Safest Driver, Least Distracted Driver, and Safest Military Driver.

Dozens more will win $500 each for their safe driving and even if your driving’s not the best, you could still win prizes of up to $2,000 just for downloading the app and signing up.

The contest is similar to those already completed in Boston and Seattle and is run through an app developed by Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which created the app used in those competitions.

San Antonio’s Vision Zero Initiative, aimed at cutting fatalities on our roadways to zero, is part of the program.

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