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HDI SEGUROS Partners With Cambridge Mobile Telematics to Launch the First Telematics Safety and Rewards Program in Mexico

June 28, 2021
CMT partners with HDI SEGUROS

HDI SEGUROS, a leading auto insurance companies in Mexico, has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), the world’s largest telematics service provider, to launch HDI iDriving, a complete safety solution based on mobile telematics that helps drivers improve on risky driving behavior, detect crashes, and provide proactive response in the event of an accident.

The HDI iDriving program is built upon CMT’s DriveWell App+Tag platform, which is used by 6.5 million drivers around the world. CMT’s AI and machine learning based platform has analysed billions of miles traveled by millions of drivers, allowing the iDriving app to accurately recognize and measure risky driving, and help reduce those risky behaviors by engaging drivers regularly with rewards.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that in Mexico, traffic accidents are the principal cause of death among 15- to 29-year-olds. According to recent studies, 90 percent of these road accidents were due to human error and thus avoidable. To help curb this problem, HDI SEGUROS is offering an innovative program that combines the benefits of comprehensive auto insurance coverage with emergency roadside assistance to provide safety and peace of mind to its clients.

HDI iDriving uses the smartphone’s and the IoT tag’s sensors to measure risky driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking, sharp turns, sudden acceleration, or phone distraction. It then provides users with a score, and tips that will help them improve their driving habits. HDI iDriving comes with a rewards program where policyholders can exchange safe driving points for digital gift cards, coffee, online purchases, and more.

“With HDI iDriving, we are evolving towards a new generation of protection solution that goes beyond traditional policies, taking advantage of technology to take care of people and attending to them proactively through a system that connects policy holders, car and company,” said Juan Ignacio Gonzalez Gomez, Director General, HDI SEGUROS. “Additionally, our policyholders can perfect their behind-the-wheel habits as they become more aware of their driving behavior and get rewarded the safer they become.”

“We’re excited to partner with HDI SEGUROS to make the roads safer in Mexico with the iDriving app,” said Ben Bowne, Vice President Global Sales & Partnerships. “It’s great to work with an innovative company that’s working to reward drivers for improving their driving.”

HDI iDriving was developed with business partner Cambridge Mobile Telematics and is now distributed through its national network by independent sales agents.

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HDI SEGUROS offers protection solutions in the auto, home, company, transportation and personal accident sectors. Its national operation is based in over 60 service offices and 20 “Auto-Prontos” (integral policyholder attention centers) sited in Mexico’s main cities.

HDI SEGUROS came to Mexico in 2009 and is part of TALANX INTERNATIONAL, a German group founded in 1903 in Hannover. With a market presence in more than 150 countries, TALANX INTERNATIONAL has some 23,300 employees worldwide, making it the third largest insurance company in Germany as well as one of the biggest in Europe as a whole. The Standard and Poor’s credit rating agency awarded HDI SEGUROS Mexico its highest possible Financial Strength Rating (mxAAA) for the seventh year running and, since its arrival in Mexico in 2009, HDI SEGUROS has been one of the insurance companies with the greatest HDI SEGUROS growth in the auto sector.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

At Cambridge Mobile Telematics, we show up every day to achieve one goal: to make the world’s roads and drivers safer. Founded in 2010 based on MIT research, we are the world’s leading mobile telematics provider, powering over 70 enterprise programs in 20 countries. Our technology serves several million drivers through our partnerships with leading insurers, rideshares, cellular carriers, personal safety companies, and automakers. CMT’s headquarters are in Cambridge, with offices in Mexico City, Seattle, Tokyo, Chennai, Budapest, and London. To learn more, visit

Originally published on The Business Wire, June 28, 2021