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Cambridge Mobile Telematics Releases Annual 100 Deadliest Days of Summer Driving Report [Digital Journal]

June 27, 2019

WHATCambridge Mobile Telematics(CMT), the world’s leader in mobile telematics and analytics, conducted a survey outlining how US drivers believe they drive, versus how they actually drive. The findings were alarming, revealing that the 100 days between Memorial and Labor Day are some of the most dangerous and deadliest of the year for driving. And further, a disconnect exists between how US drivers think they drive and how they are actually driving with summer Fridays, holiday celebrations and the lure of sun, sea and surf creating a perfect storm for driver distraction that many are not even aware of.

Out of 2.5 million trips taken on the 4th of July weekend, up to 44% will include distraction of 25 seconds. (Photo: Business Wire)

The study, supported by CMT data from 100 million trips across the U.S., revealed that Memorial Day is by far the deadliest day to be behind the wheel, while July 4th is the most congested. Likewise, drivers should also be conscious at the end of the summer on Labor Day Weekend for dangerous incidences of distraction, braking and speeding. Other findings:

● American drivers are in the dark when it comes to driving dangers, with most thinking New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous when in fact Memorial Day is the deadliest date

● Distraction is a major issue with over 40% of summer trips distracted, including Miami where 43% of drivers are paying attention to their phone instead of the road

● “It’s not me, it’s them” said 87% of drivers who agree others drive badly during the summer holiday season (due to distraction, driving under the influence and speeding)

● Drivers are bringing their work on the road with 37% of drivers confessing they still think about work until they are at least halfway to their destination, with almost a quarter of Americans admitting to multitasking for at least half of the trip while driving

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