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Data shows which Spokane intersections are worst for texting and driving

The Spokesman-Review
July 31, 2017

Ask someone where in Spokane they are likely to see drivers being distracted by talking on a cellphone or gazing at a smartphone screen, and the answer might be “everywhere.”

While that may be true, a Massachusetts company is able to say with some certainty where most smartphone-induced distracted driving occurs in Spokane and 296 other cities. It can also calculate how drivers in Spokane stack up to those in other cities.

Spokane might be better than you think.

Using data from smartphone applications that it pioneered, Cambridge Mobile Telematics collected data on some 15,000 drivers who covered 18 million miles over a four-month period in 2016. It studied all the metropolitan areas with at least 100,000 people to determine where drivers are most likely to be using their smartphone while driving.

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