We won! CMT has been recognized as an honoree at the 27th Annual Webby Awards for our FuelStar app. FuelStar won the Webby Honoree in the “Apps, dApps, and Software – Integrated Mobile Experience” category. Only the top 20% of submissions are recognized as an honoree.

“Honorees like Cambridge Mobile Telematics are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said Claire Graves, President of The Webby Awards. “It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the nearly 14,000 entries we received this year.”

FuelStar helps consumers save up to 40% on gas by showing them how to drive more efficiently. FuelStar analyzes driving patterns that consume gas faster — such as rapid acceleration, speeding, and hard braking — and teaches people how to make small changes in their driving habits to help them save money at the gas pump.

“FuelStar was born out of the idea that by making small changes to driving behavior, people can dramatically reduce how often they need to buy gas – and those savings add up,” said Rafi Finegold, Senior Vice President of Product for CMT. “The mom who spends $230 a month to fill up her Honda Accord once a week could save nearly $100 on her monthly gas bill with help from FuelStar.”

FuelStar has introduced innovations to the fuel-saving market by utilizing cutting-edge, physics-based smartphone sensor technology. The app analyzes real-time driving behaviors alongside vehicle make, model, and year, to predict gas consumption and coach drivers on more efficient ways to drive. This new app experience offers unprecedented insights into driving patterns and gas savings, empowering drivers like never before.

FuelStar has been covered by The Boston Globe, Bloomberg Radio, The Motley Fool, ABC Boston, Boston 25 and more.

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