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Cambridge Mobile Telematics: See Why It Is A Driving Force In the Telematics Industry

Agency Checklists
April 10, 2018

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is a technology company that is actively changing the auto insurance landscape both in Massachusetts and beyond. Founded by two MIT Professors and experienced entrepreneurs in 2010, CMT is an MIT spinoff that one could argue essentially invented telematics, as we know it, pioneering a smartphone-based solution for vehicle-centric usage-based insurance and driver-centric behavior-based insurance. Over the past eight years, CMT has grown into one of the preeminent telematics companies with a laser-like focus on driving innovation to change behaviors behind the wheel to create safer roads for everyone, everywhere.

While their goals are lofty, the mobile sensing technology and data analytics CMT has created are both down-to-earth and easy for insurance carriers and agents to employ.

Agency Checklists asked if we get a look underneath the hood to see what CMT does and what our readers should know about CMT and what it offers. Co-founder and MIT Professor, Hari Balakrishnan, was kind enough to answer our questions here in our latest Agency Interview.

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