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Boston roads where drivers are most distracted by their phones

Boston Globe
April 3, 2017

A new analysis shows some of the hotspots for distracted driving on Boston roads.

Locally based company Cambridge Mobile Telematics released the findings Monday. The results are based on data the company has collected over a recent three-month stretch via smartphone app software installed on the phones of nearly 4,000 local drivers.

The company said it detected more than 1.2 million instances of distracted driving from those drivers who logged more than 268,000 trips during that time.

The first map below shows an overview of Boston, and after that is a list of what the company says were the five “most distracted road segments.”

The company said it noticed a common theme among the most distracted spots: all are particularly busy and congested during rush hour, which may be why drivers get distracted by their phones so often as they sit in traffic.

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