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City Hall Is Searching for Boston's Safest Driver [Bostinno]

October 5, 2016

It’s time to prove you don’t drive like the Masshole everyone thinks you are.

As part of its continuing bid to make city streets safer, Boston City Hall on Monday announced it will hand out $9,000 in prizes for its new safe driving competition. To compete, you will need to download its new “Boston’s Safest Driver app,” which will track your driving skills, give you feedback on how to improve and show how you compare to others.

The competition runs from now through Dec. 3, and the app lets participants “challenge their friends, see how they rank in their community and win prizes for improvement each week.” Participants can win weekly prizes in multiple ways, including being the best new driver, taking car-free trips or having the top score.

The grand prize winner will take away $2,000.

The city’s new app runs in the background while you’re driving and tracks five metrics during each trip: rapid acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns, at-risk speeding and phone distraction. After a trip is completed, the app will give you a score, how you performed for each metric and what you can do to improve next time.

The competition is being done in collaboration with Arbella Insurance Foundation and Cambridge Mobile Telematics, the latter of which developed the app and has developed similar ones for other companies, like Cambridge-based EverQuote. The two organizations provided the funding for the contest.

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