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Agero Partners with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to Develop Real-Time Accident Management Solution [Agero]

March 1, 2016

MEDFORD, Mass., March 1, 2016 — Agero, Inc., a leading provider of vehicle and driver safety, security and information services, today announced a partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), a global telematics technology and service provider using advanced mobile sensing, data analytics, and behavioral science, to bring together a comprehensive driver safety and accident solution. The combined service will accurately detect accidents in real-time and connect drivers with accident scene response within seconds of impact.

Powered by CMT’s flagship technology, called DriveWell Plus™, the service connects a light hardware tag device with cloud-based analytics, utilizing information collected from the tag, smartphone sensors, and other contextual signals to accurately detect all legitimate crashes while minimizing false alarms. When an accident is detected, drivers are connected with Agero’s Accident Scene Management emergency response agents, who notify proper emergency services, call personal contacts, provide roadside assistance, contact their insurer, and stay on the line to ensure that assistance arrives, potentially saving lives.

“At Agero, we specialize in driver safety and roadside assistance services, and are constantly looking for ways to use technology to enhance the user experience and provide peace of mind to customers during stressful accidents,” said Dave Ferrick, Chief Executive Officer, Agero. “By integrating our Accident Scene Management services with CMT’s powerful innovations in the Internet of Things, smartphone sensing, and data analytics, we are creating an end to end accident solution.”

Agero has been leading the industry with vehicle, driver safety, and security services for over 40 years, while CMT’s hardware and smartphone technology has been successfully launched and used by hundreds of thousands of drivers worldwide. Both companies have won numerous awards for bringing innovative products to market.

“CMT’s mission is to make roads and drivers safer around the world. By partnering with Agero, we are able to provide support to drivers when they need it the most,” said William Powers, Chief Executive Officer, Cambridge Mobile Telematics. “Together, we are creating a safer and better experience for our customers.”

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