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October 11, 2019 in Company News

Nationwide “Safe Driving” Contests Are Reducing Crashes And Awarding Big Bucks To Winners Willing To Be App-Tracked [Forbes]

Ever since people have been driving, attempts have been made to get them to drive better, to limited success. But what if you offered drivers big bucks for leaving their…
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October 1, 2019 in Company News

Here She Is, the Safest Driver in Los Angeles [The New York Times]

LOS ANGELES — If you can navigate the maze of roads and freeways in this city and choose not to break a single traffic law, congratulations. You deserve a prize. That prize…
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September 23, 2019 in Company News

What’s The State Of AI In Insurance? 12 Experts Share Their Insights [Disruptor Daily]

Can you think of any three companies more advertised for on television than GEICO, Allstate, and State Farm? They all claim to be saving their customers money with high-tech gadgets…
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