Making Auto Insurance Sustainable

The key concepts, strategies, and learnings to drive consumer engagement with fuel saving and carbon footprint reduction programs

As part of our new series “Developing Connected Insurance Value Propositions in Europe”, this report provides insurers with the tools and models needed to create sustainable auto insurance products.

The report covers key concepts and definitions around transport sustainability, assesses consumer demand based on survey results from over 2,500 drivers in Europe, defines the core models of sustainable auto insurance, and shows the benefits from programs already in-market.

Report extract

By January 2025, over 60,000 companies in Europe must report their environmental impact or face penalties. This includes drivers’ carbon footprint responsible for 25% of total European CO2 emissions.

Survey findings show 78% of drivers in Europe are “concerned” or “very concerned” about the changing global temperatures. More than 20% of the respondents are eager to take action but unsure of what they can do. Notably, 77% of those uncertain about reducing their carbon footprint are willing to download an insurer app for guidance.

Engagement and the willingness to change are inextricably intertwined. Both hinge upon drivers buying into the value proposition. In the marketplace, sustainable insurance programmes have elicited significant engagement. Early results from CMT’s insurance partners show that over 90% of drivers visit the Eco Score app at least weekly.

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