Distracted driving

Road Risk Alert: UK Distracted Driving and Speeding Peaks over Easter

March 22, 2024

Easter ushers in a time of joy, with families across Britain coming together for egg hunts and long dinners. However, amidst this seasonal cheer, we mustn’t overlook road safety, which can crack under the holiday rush. As we prepare to celebrate, many forget to ensure their journey is as safe as the festivities are delightful.

To understand the trends in driving behaviour during Easter, CMT analysed the driving patterns of UK drivers two weeks before and after Easter over the last two years. The study reveals a significant lift in distracted driving during Easter Sunday, making it one of the year’s top distracted days. On an average day around Easter, UK drivers engage with their phones for 54 seconds for every hour of driving. On Easter itself, screen interaction jumps to 1 minute and 5 seconds, a 19.8% increase

The 19.8% surge carries severe consequences. We estimate that the increase in distracted driving over Easter in the past two years has resulted in approximately 60 additional crashes, 17 injuries, and economic damages in excess of £1.2Million*.

The analysis of UK roads confirms previous findings from the US, noting that screen interaction among drivers is higher on Sundays than on any other day. Yet, Easter presents an even more alarming scenario, with distracted driving incidents rising by 5.7% compared to the Sundays around it.

Unfortunately, distracted driving is not the only risky behaviour that increases on Easter Sunday in the UK. Speeding sees a huge uptick as well. On an average day around Easter, UK drivers spend 20 seconds per hour overspeeding. On Easter, this number jumps by 56%, resulting in 32 seconds of speeding per driving hour. 

Safer roads on Easter, and beyond

As Easter approaches, the rising trend of risky driving behaviours requires everyone on the road to pay attention, take action, and stay vigilant. So, not just this Easter Sunday, but on all days following, put down your phone and focus on the road.

*Based on UK TAG data on fatal and non-fatal crashes cost to society in 2022