Challenging projects that change the world: 4 reasons why engineers love working at CMT

March 31, 2022

Engineers are the engine that powers CMT. We caught up with CMT engineers and asked them why they love working at CMT. We found 4 core reasons. Let’s review.

Exciting & challenging projects 

We are empowering engineers to work on projects that excite them, inspire them, and drive them to solve challenging problems. CMT encourages creativity by holding monthly hackathons that we call Fed-Ex days every month to promote problem solving while engineers work on innovative projects.  

CMT’s VP of Engineering Sharon Gadonniex recently highlighted an excellent example of this in a LinkedIn post. During a company sponsored Hackathon two engineers presented a project in Cloud Platform Architecture Comparison. Their thoughtful advocacy for innovation, and a following system analysis, led to the decision to transition CMT’s Cloud Platform Portal from Django to React. 

Work with a modern tech stack 

By using a modern tech stack, CMT continues to be the world leader in telematics. Our engineers are pioneers in this industry and push the boundaries of technology to find solutions. 

“At CMT we use best practice industry technologies. It keeps our skills sharp. We’re working with a modern tech stack, and CMT engineers have a lot of opportunities to architect within that context. We’re always in the process of improving what we do,” Chloe Vilain, a QA Manager said.  

Collaborative team environment 

Solving complex technology challenges happens faster in a collaborative work environment. Respect for ideas and trust between co-workers of all levels are the pillars of CMT’s work culture. Whether you are a junior engineer or senior level engineer, all ideas are welcome. 

“People are always ready to lend a hand and are genuinely excited about helping each other. The collaborative culture of CMT engineering really establishes trust. I never feel micromanaged,” Vilain said. 

The free flowing of ideas and open communication style allow engineers across departments to share knowledge. Asking for help when working to solve complex problems opens the door to idea sharing and effective collaboration. 

“We work on projects with a lot of unknowns and it can be hard for engineers to raise their hands and ask for help,” Olga Oleksyuk, Principal Computer Vision Engineer II, said.  “At CMT we are not afraid to ask questions to our managers or our peers if we get stuck.”

Respectful & balanced work life

At CMT we emphasize a healthy and flexible work life balance. Engineers are encouraged by their managers to take time off and have the option to work remotely. This provides the flexibility needed to get the job done as well as take care of personal interests during the day. 

“The big thing is that the leaders of the team understand and prioritize the concept of work-life balance,” Jeremy Wright, Senior Software Engineer said. “I feel empowered to take time off.”

CMT knows that creating a harmonious work environment allows engineers to tackle the hard problems and push technology boundaries when on the clock and also take time off when they need to. CMT offers a competitive benefits package that includes unlimited PTO. 

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