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[Video] CMT's Privacy Guarantee: Protecting Data in a Connected World

Webinar Recap
January 28, 2021

In honor of Data Privacy Day we look back to our discussion titled CMT’s Privacy Guarantee: Protecting Private Data in a Connected World, featuring Danny Weitzner, our Lead Privacy Advisor & Founding Director of the Internet Research Initiative at MIT, Tim Vogel, Chief Security, Privacy and Compliance Officer, and Keavy Murphy, Manager of Cyber Risk and Compliance.

During the session, Vogel and Murphy announce that CMT is one of the first organizations in the U.S. to obtain the ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) certificate, Weitzner illustrates how CMT’s commitment to privacy creates value for its insurance products and programs, and the panel covers the continuous improvements for the future while giving a broad overview of the company’s privacy principles. 

McMahon asks Weitzner what his perspective is on how CMT is addressing some of the privacy concerns that are prevalent in our line of work. 

Weitzner details that people are usually willing to swap personal information for a benefit they feel certain about receiving in exchange, and the general understanding that their information will be respected and protected. People can make choices about participating in a service like CMT because it generates value for them. It makes them safer, driving better saves them money, and they have better protection in accidents,” he says. “As long as people feel that they understand the bargain they’re getting into, and that that bargain will be respected and their basic rights will be respected, we see that people are quite willing to share personal information.”

What Weitzner describes is CMT’s modus operandi – privacy by design. CMT builds its products with a foundation in (1) delivering value, and (2) only collecting the necessary data to provide that value. Vogel gives an example of CMTs privacy by design that permits the protection of consumer data:

“We made a very strategic decision to not only just collect the minimum data about an individual to be able to produce telematics information and DriveWell scores, but also to not even collect information that we can use to identify that individual. It sets the bar at a point where the data is completely minimized to a point where the user can only be for the value serviced or to provide them to the customer.”

To learn more about CMT’s Data Privacy Guarantee, watch the recorded version.