DriveWell: Top Rated Safe Driving Program

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Cambridge Mobile Telematics, recently named the top telematics service provider for North America and Globally by the Ptolemus Consulting Group, has deployed first-of-its-kind programs in 14 countries including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Greece, Belgium, Japan and Singapore. Our smartphone applications, based on DriveWell technologies, are being used by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and are tracking billions of miles worldwide.

Here’s how some of our partners have benefited from using DriveWell:

  • Discovery Insure – Launched the first-of-its-kind Safe Driver Competition in 2014 and become the second most popular application in South Africa within 48 hours. In 2016, Discovery Insure won Gartner’s Most Innovative New Digital Product and the Gartner’s EMEA Digital Champion.
  • Desjardins – Deployed the first smartphone telematics app in North America. Desjardins recently won Celent’s Model Insurer award for the innovation and emerging technologies category for Ajusto, a safe driving app based on CMT’s DriveWell technology.
  • EverQuote – Partnered with CMT to launch the first nationwide safe driving app in the United States, EverDrive. As part of the program, EverQuote awarded top prizes to the Safest Drivers in Massachusetts and New York to create excitement about the program.
  • Boston’s Safest Driver – Together with Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh and his Vision Zero Task Force, CMT developed the first public-private partnership to launch a safe driving application reducing distracted driving by 47% among most active users.


Deploy your telematics program in 90-120 Days

Over the past two years, CMT launched programs with over 20 customers including many Fortune 500 insurance companies. Our dedicated team of accomplished data scientists, product experts and business professionals has the experience and expertise to successfully launch telematics programs in the U.S. and internationally.

We offer several go-to-market options for our partners:

    • Attract new customers through contests and pilots
    • Nudge safe driving through competitions and leaderboards
    • Adopt a behavior-based insurance (BBI) program to reduce claims
    • Reward safe driving through incentives and gamification
  • APP + TAG:
    • Capture every drive in the vehicle, even when the phone is absent
    • Real-time crash detection, crash forensics, and roadside assistance

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